Today law firms are challenged to grow revenues in this environment because their clients are often seeking to reduce costs. Clients are both bringing work in- house and sending it off-shore. As a result many firms are reducing costs by downsizing and outsourcing as well as by restraining compensation.  This creates an atmosphere where being a profitable rainmaker is a key to an individual’s and the firm’s ultimate success, and often, to survival itself.

I've  merged more than 20 law firms and moved more than 1,000 lawyers over the last 30 years. After completing a law firm M&A transaction, I've followed the lateral's progress to determine how well they're doing. Through the years I've discovered that, although they promised to begin, to commence, to start their making rain activities, many times they don't - not because they don't want to, but because they, and /or their firm, did not have a broad rainmaking culture.

Using this experience I've created the Rainmaking Bootcamp.

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