"How do we do it? We use the Power of Story. This method gives you a new view of your own beliefs and behaviors. We do it by using other people's stories about your issues. You experience the story, you see another way, and thus find new keys to your own problems. We use the Power of Story to create new rainmakers. The Power of Story has a long, proud history of changing both beliefs and behaviors"  Jerry Sears


Rainmaking for Professionals LLC, offers a unique Webinar series  entitled, “The Rainmaker’s Secrets.” Here professional service providers, including lawyers, accountants, engineers, scientists and consultants can learn, in a very unique way, how to improve their interpersonal skills in ways to help them get and keep clients. The series includes 10 Webinars, 5 Manuals and two, one hour, private session with Jerry Sears, the Rainmaker Coach. All attendees work anonymously during the Webinars to assure confidentiality.


Today, professional service firms are challenged to grow their revenues in an environment where their clients are often seeking to reduce costs. They both bring work in house and  off-shoring it. As a result many law, accounting, engineering and consulting firms are reducing costs by downsizing and outsourcing as well as by reducing compensation and downgrading staff.  This creates an atmosphere where being a profitable rainmaker is key to an individual’s and the firm’s ultimate success, and often, to survival itself.


Jerry has merged more than 30 law firms and moved more than 1,000 lawyers over the last 25 years. Today his practice specializes in helping professionals get and keep clients and some M&A work. After personally working with hundreds of professionals to guide them to prospering in their practice, Jerry knows this world like few others. “The Rainmaker’s Secrets” is a result of this work, plus his seven-year Study, “Are Rainmaker’s Borne or Made.” Jerry is a Creator of Rainmakers.



  • Your professional life and earnings will greatly improve.

  • You will become a significant player in your profession.

  • You will enjoy interacting with your own clients.

  • You will increase your ability to get more clients.

  • You will be challenged, not bored, with our eCourse.

10 ninety minute Webinars, once every two weeks.

5 Manuals condensing 25 years of experience.

2 private one-hour session with Jerry.

All for and Introductory Price of $1,750

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