Are you challenged to originate new business, to become a trusted legal adviser, or to grow your specialty legal practice?  Don’t just be another practitioner, but become a successful rainmaker and visible legal expert in your field.

You can do it today by not only by improving your skills, but by taking advantage of the ‘New Law’ and the Internet to grow your practice.


The ‘new law’ is a direct result of the 2008 financial recession. Over the last six years, together we’ve watched the following unfold:

·               A. Many law firms, big and small have merged or declared bankruptcy;

·               B. Overall U.S. legal revenue and fee levels have declined about 25%;

·               C. Alternative Fee Arrangements, are now firmly established as normal;

·               D.The offshoring of legal work to lower cost providers has grown about 25% to

              an annual rate of almost $2 billion, just from the U.S. alone; and

·               E. Law firm clients and their general counsel, as well as US Law Firms, are

              using these low cost, global legal service-providers to the point that these

              providers have become imbedded in the cost driven ‘new law’ environment.


With low-cost legal work going offshore, lawyers without a book of business are challenged to make rain, or be left behind.  Today the Internet has evolved to a point where lawyers, especially those who don’t make rain, can identify and connect with highly targeted, client prospects, in real-time, online. Distance is no longer a major factor.  


We're rainmaking and business development coaches. We understand that many lawyers without a book of business have many reasons that they haven't been able to originate new business. It's all about you. Our coaching works with you to:


1. Overcome your rainmaking obstacles and excuses;

2. Adopt the seven interpersonal skills of successful rainmakers; and

3. Create and implement a business plan that brings your highly targeted prospects to you by combining traditional and online content marketing.


Rainmaking for Professionals delivers rainmaking coaching and business development programs for lawyers seeking to overcome their personal obstacles to making rain.


LAUNCHING November 1, 2014

·         Private Coaching Services

·         Private Business Development Programs

·         6 OnDemand Webinars on overcoming personal obstacles to making rain and learning the interpersonal skills used by successful practitioners.

·         2 OnDemand Webinars on creating, funding and implementing your Business Plan.

·         3 OnDemand Webinars for offshore lawyers seeking to work with U.S. law firms




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